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People Volunteering

Volunteering and activities

We help customers access activities to maximise engagement and social inclusion. Customers can gain additional skills, experience and qualifications and improve their career prospects and earning potential.

The range of weekly activities on offer includes football, singing group, gardening, arts and crafts, creative writing, cookery sessions, wellbeing groups, and seasonal activities such as fishing. Customers are also encouraged to participate in group activities in their local community such as football matches, bowling, local museums, community projects. We encourage customers to be physically and mentally active, to reduce anxiety and depression and extend the healthy life expectancy level.

Activities are key to promote positive wellbeing and we offer a timetable that is varied and accessible to all customers. We are happy to hear from partners who have a skill to share or can offer a project to customers.

Volunteers enable us to offer more opportunities to customers and we are always keen to hear from people who would like to volunteer some of their time. If you think this might be you, please email