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I struggle to manage my home and somebody has suggested a move to supported accommodation. What is available? I need financial support or money advice I have a new home but I need some advice on settling in. How do I look for accommodation in the private sector? What is West Cheshire Homes? I have been rough sleeping in the area and need some support to find accommodation. I moved to Cheshire West and Chester to live with someone I know, but they have now told me I need to leave in two weeks. I need to move because I am having issues with my neighbours. What can I do as I don’t want to make myself homeless? I’m a young person aged between 16 and 18 and I can’t return home. I’m experiencing domestic violence and want to leave without my partner knowing I’m due in court in the next few days and I may be evicted. I’ve ignored letters, what can I do? A family member has died and I’m concerned I don’t have rights to remain at my home, what should I do? My landlord wants their property back and they’ve given me two months notice, what should I do? I have been served notice at my home for anti-social behaviour? I have been served notice at my home for rent arrears. What should I do? I need to leave my private rented property because it is affecting my health through disrepair I’m selling my house because I have separated from my partner. I can’t afford to buy them out and I won’t be left with enough to buy something else. What can I do? I’m struggling to pay my rent and I’m under occupying my property. I have also received warning letters from my landlord about rent arrears I’m private renting, and been asked to leave my home by my landlord, what can I do?