World Wellbeing Week 2021 – Healthy and person centred

We’re continuing to look at how wellbeing makes more things possible for more people and reflect on the first year of our Wellbeing Strategy.

Your wellbeing, whether its physical, financial or emotional is hugely important to us. That’s why we want to support and empower you to live a better life and achieve your potential and thrive.

A person-centred approach puts people, families and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing. We have created the best possible environment for you to do great things, encouraging learning and development to make a difference to your wellbeing and help you be the best you can be.

Did you know? Over the past 12 months:

We made 19,913 successful welfare calls within the first two months of the first lockdown
344 tenants in our supported and extra care schemes experienced reduced isolation by regularly or occasionally taking part in social activities
Read below about how we deliver services that people want and need.

We made 19,913 successful welfare calls by 28th May 2020, in response to the first lockdown. We proactively contacted tenants who are over 70, single parents, identified as vulnerable, receiving tenancy support case and/or have a welfare or safeguarding concern. We maintained that contact for as long as the tenant needed it or asked us. We also promoted the Salford “Stay In Touch” service, developed to support lonely and isolated residents during the Covid-19 response. In total 950 tenants required medical, food or wellbeing related support.

Cat (staff) recently got in touch with Mrs P, who celebrated her 60th birthday over the weekend. In their last conversation, during the initial batch of welfare calls, Mrs P had mentioned that she felt really down about having a milestone birthday during the lockdown. Cat wanted to check in with Mrs P to make sure that she’d celebrated her birthday as best she could whilst in lockdown. Mrs P let Cat know that although her son and daughter hadn’t been able to visit, she’d managed to have a few socially distanced drinks in the garden with some friends. They’d even found an old music player with some songs from when they were younger to enjoy. She was grateful that Cat had remembered her birthday and reached out.

Nicola (staff) spoke with a lone parent and NHS key worker. They told Nicola, “I have been working crazy hours and not had much time to think about the wellbeing of me and my own family. I’m taken aback by the thoughtful call that someone is asking about me and her family whilst I am looking after everyone else. I really appreciate the call”.

Sharon (staff) spoke with Mr F who was elderly and lives alone. After some conversation, Sharon discovered he hadn’t had a proper meal for weeks as his food parcels hadn’t arrived and he didn’t know what to do. He was trying to work it out through his GP and was hopeful it’d be sorted soon. Sharon wanted to make sure Mr F received a proper meal as soon as possible, so she contacted Knowsley Council who have been delivering meals to vulnerable and elderly residents. They sprang into action and a hot meal was delivered to him that same day. Mr F is now on the list for a daily deliver.

Andy (staff) had been trying to make contact with a tenant, Mr L, through welfare calls. However, he had numerous failed attempts so he decided to write a letter to Mr L. A few days later, a family member of Mr L contacted Andy to say they had noticed the letter when visiting to provide him with essentials, and thanked Andy for his kind words and offers of support. During the conversation, it became clear that Mr L would benefit from further support and a referral has been made to Spirit of Salford, which provides support and advice on lots of different issues including wellbeing.

Josh (staff) was able to finally make contact with a tenant, Mr O, who had three previously unsuccessful contacts. Mr O initially said that everything was OK, but Josh knew Mr O was elderly, lived alone, and was concerned he was struggling to hear everything Josh was saying. Josh had a feeling something wasn’t right – so after the call had finished he sent a courtesy follow up text. Mr O responded to the text sharing that actually, he had no heating or hot water in his home, and he had no idea how to report it. Josh quickly raised an urgent repair and kept Mr O up to date throughout the whole process via text message.