World Wellbeing Week 2021 – Digitally Able

We’re continuing to look at how wellbeing makes more things possible for more people and reflect on the first year of the Wellbeing Strategy.

Whether you’re at work, home, shopping or even at the gym digital technology is never far away.

We know that technology is now embedded in day to day life and equal access and use ensures everyone can actively participate. This was never more evident than during Covid-19 restrictions, when digital skills were essential for being able to work, learn, shop and socialise safely.

Did you know? Over the past 12 months:

  • Around 837 virtual lettings took place, to view empty homes safely

Read below about how vital virtual services like these have helped Mrs M’s son see her new home.

Our virtual lettings of empty homes are a good example of how moving to online viewings can have a better outcome for tenants, and actually be the preferred way post-pandemic.

We use video calls to do a live walk through of the whole property, meaning we answer any questions right there and then. Prospective tenants are fully involved throughout the entire process. People can share viewings of their new homes with family and friends, at a time that suits them, so that everyone is involved in the experience. Pre-recorded videos provide tenants with all the information they need to kickstart a successful tenancy.

Mrs M, 60, said, “Being able to view the property virtually allowed for my son to see my new home too. If this was a viewing in person, I would have had to attend by myself”.