World Wellbeing Week 2021 – continually learning

We’re continuing to look at how wellbeing makes more things possible for more people and reflect on the first year of the Wellbeing Strategy.

Wellbeing is not just about health. Developing skills and knowledge is essential for people to get on in life allowing people of all ages to adapt and succeed in a changing world.

Learning can give people the confidence and self-esteem to take up further opportunities and we believe people flourish in finding their own strengths, managing their own careers and by connecting with others.

Did you know? In the past 12 months:

312 children accessed healthy, fun and creative online activities delivered by Play Streets during the school holidays
Read below about how Play Streets has helped build skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Sharna and her son Noah, 2, took part in Play Streets, which delivered 58 online activity sessions during the school holidays. These positive and entertaining ‘things to do’ included growing food and cooking meals, science activities, arts and crafts, storytelling, reading challenges and sports.

Sharna found out about Play Streets through a post on the Play Street Facebook group and after signing up used the activity pack we provided to take part in as many activities as possible. Noah’s favourite thing to do was arts and crafts, as he loves to get messy and creative, particularly painting. Sharna even shared Noah’s creation for the pumpkin carving competition with the group.

Sharna said, “It’s worth everyone giving it a try! It’s great to let them experiment and be creative and it was a great chance to spend quality time with Noah doing something we both enjoy”.

Quotes from other parents

“My daughter loved the arts and crafts. It really helps as it gives her a break from schoolwork and something to do. She loves learning and this is something else to challenge her and focus on.” Leslie

“Thank you guys for a brilliant week of ideas and challenges. They have all enjoyed it.” Jenny

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