I’m struggling to pay my rent and I’m under occupying my property. I have also received warning letters from my landlord about rent arrears

Firstly, you need to complete an income and expenditure Financial Assessment Form.

You should then make an appointment to see Citizens Advice or any other budgeting and debt related service. You should also make an application for West Cheshire Homes.

You may be able reduce some of your outgoings temporarily by:

  • Council tax bills hardship payments (CTR Discretionary Hardship Payment) could reduce your council tax payments. You must be in receipt of council tax deduction payments to apply. You can apply for this using a CRT Claim form.
  • The Discretionary Housing Payment form can support you with short term rent shortfalls. Application for DHP.
  • Speak to Housing Options to see if there is any assistance with your banding.