How do I look for accommodation in the private sector?

If you are looking to rent a new home, there are different places to look.

If you are searching with Housing Options, contact the private sector officer every couple of weeks to remind them you are looking.

Housing Options offers a bond scheme to help people who wish to rent privately. Your caseworker will discuss if the bond is available to you and the amount.

Check regularly on Rightmove, Spareroom also check with the social housing provider if they advertise ready now properties. If you are interested in a ready now property please contact the landlord directly.

Check out the estate agents who will and won’t look at benefits (if appropriate) and don’t need guarantors. And ask if they have a list of suitable properties available.

Speak to family and friends if anyone can stand guarantor for you, this tends to be someone who is a home owner or working, sometimes both is required. They need to understand if you default on the rent they will be legally liable to pay it.

If you find a property but the landlord won’t consider the bond, if you are homeless, speak to your Housing Options case officer about a homeless to housed application? They may be able to pay the landlord a reasonable amount to cover rent or deposit. Alternatively you can apply for a rent deposit application.

Important information to have to hand when sourcing private rented accommodation.

  • Recent bank statements up to 3 months
  • Proof of guarantor
  • Proof of any rent figure requested
  • Copy of tenancy agreement to help with housing payments
  • Proof of benefit payment or 3 months wage slips