Becky overcomes homelessness, substance misuse and health problems with help from forfutures

Becky, previously sleeping rough, has improved her health, turned her back on drugs and moved into a home of her own thanks to support from forfutures.

The 53-year-old was using drugs and sleeping on the streets in Chester when she first made contact with forfutures’ outreach team in May 2018.

Becky had faced a number of periods sleeping rough before eventually moving into a forfutures service in Chester. Forfutures is a service delivered across west Cheshire that provides support to people who are at risk of homelessness or who find themselves without a roof.

She remained in the service for 18 months with 24-hour support, working with forfutures staff to improve her life and prepare herself for living independently in the future.

During this time forfutures provided her with intense support around health, budgeting, lifestyle choices and challenging behaviours.

Becky was supported to reduce her substance misuse, which was having a negative impact on her complex health issues. Because of the positive changes she had made to her life, forfutures was able to support Becky to find a suitable home of her own near to her family support network in Chester city centre.

Stephanie Grime, Accommodation Services Manager at Forfutures, said: “We put a case forward to West Cheshire Homes to allow Becky to bid on properties as she wanted to remain in the city centre.

“During this year, we supported her to address her health needs and her wellbeing. Becky took part in activities and consistently engaged with staff at the service. Things haven’t been easy for Becky but with support and her own inner strength she persevered and was eventually offered a one-bedroom flat in the city centre.”

Becky said: “I’m so happy to have my own place in the city centre and have the support of my daughters around me.”

*Name has been changed to protect identity