It’s World Wellbeing Week 2021!

Celebrate with us as we look back over the past 12 months and the first year of the Wellbeing Strategy. We’re looking at how wellbeing makes more things possible for more people and we want to share some of these fantastic stories and celebrate with you this week, it’s also an opportunity to think about your own wellbeing.

Through the Wellbeing Strategy, we’re delivering activities and initiatives that provide wellbeing for tenants, employees and communities where we own and manage homes, employ staff or deliver services on behalf of partners.

The Strategy outcomes for staff and tenants fall under 7 categories;

  • Stable home – Tenancies of homes that are safe and well maintained. A secure tenure of a well-maintained home.
  • Continually Learning – People are supported to acquire the skills and knowledge they need for life and work.
  • Digitally able – Access to technology to ensure everyone can actively participate.
  • Person centred – People influence decisions on what most likely works for them.
  • Prosperous – Reduced poverty and increased wealth.
  • Healthy – Improved physical and mental health.
  • Connected – Increased community cohesion.

Over the course of the week we will be looking at the impact of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, along with hints and tips that tenants have found useful to manage their own wellbeing. Stay tuned for more updates and about how you can get involved.