I’m due in court in the next few days and I may be evicted. I’ve ignored letters, what can I do?

Don’t worry, please do let us know as soon as possible so we are able to help you.

Speak to housing provider, explain your current circumstances but that you want to sort out this issue, and is there anything they can do?

If they say no, contact Housing Options to see if they can offer you any assistance.

You need to seek some legal advice. You can contact Keoghs Solicitors (duty solicitors at court), either beforehand through the CAB, or speak to them at the court.

Please make sure you arrive in court in plenty of time and bring with you:

  • A completed income and expenditure Financial Assessment Form
  • Your notice
  • Any letters from housing provider or proof of payments
  • Any supporting evidence such as a doctors letter etc.

They may be able to ask the judge for a suspension of any warrants on the property whilst any additional advice or support can be provided.