I need to move because I am having issues with my neighbours. What can I do as I don’t want to make myself homeless?

If the behaviour is criminal then speak to the local police force on 101, unless you are in imminent danger. If you are you should dial 999. Make sure you keep copies of crime reference numbers.

It is useful to start to keep a diary of any issues.

Are you in a housing association or council property?

Speak to the Housing officer and they will support you to address these issues and to look at the right options for you.

Speak to Housing Options on 0808 175 3595 (option 2) and be able to provide copies of any police reports.

Look on www.homeswapper.co.uk. You will need to create a profile but the site gives people in social tenancies the opportunity to swap assuming you don’t have rent arrears or history of anti-social behaviour.

Complete a West Cheshire Homes application form.