I have been served notice at my home for rent arrears. What should I do?

First you should complete a Financial Assessment Form then speak to the income team or landlord to discuss a sensible payment plan. It is important that you do not offer an amount you know you won’t be able to pay. If you are in receipt of benefits, offer to have rent paid directly to your landlord if you are in 8 weeks of arrears or over.

If the landlord accepts

If your landlord accepts, keep to your agreed payment plan. It’s important that you keep in contact with your landlord if you begin to struggle with payments.

If the landlord refuses

Contact Housing Options on 0808 175 3595 ext. 2; provide a copy of notice and Financial Assessment Form and any evidence of payments made.

Visit Citizen’s Advice for an appointment for Keoghs solicitors, providing Financial Assessment Form, copy of notice and any evidence of payments made.