A family member has died and I’m concerned I don’t have rights to remain at my home, what should I do?

Speak to the housing provider, if you can:

  • Show any proof of residency, this could be your rent book, proof of benefits paid at that address or a doctors letter.
  • The length of your residency (see above).
  • Your relationship with the former tenant.
  • Proof that you can afford the on-going rent

Your landlord may be in a position to transfer the tenancy to your name.

If this is a housing association or council tenancy, speak to your allocated housing officer. If the property is too big for your needs they may work with you to find something more suitable for you.

If there has been a change in tenancy within the same household previously, this is not always possible; it would be at the discretion of the housing provider to assist you.

If you require further information contact Housing Options on 0808 175 3595 (option 2).